2018 Style Guide: Thicker Shorter Hairstyles

When we talk about hair thickness and volume, most of us probably think of long wavy hair. This is not surprising as most of the hair care ads we are exposed to feature women with long locks as they swish their head from side to side making us believe gorgeous hair is all rather effortless!

As wonderful as this is, we realize that long styles don’t suit everyone and there are plenty of women out there with beautifully thick shorter styles.

A few of you may be thinking “hang on, I thought short styles were only for people with thinner or fine hair.” This isn’t the case, there are many thicker short hairstyles that are on trend right now and to show you how great they look, we have compiled our top three 2018 looks to try now.


Chic Asymmetrical Pixie

This edgy but feminine asymmetrical pixie cut suits every occasion. The very short side part gives an edgy statement, while the slight added length to the fringe gives it a very feminine touch. This cut is ideal for anyone who likes to mix it up, great worn straight or curly, either way, you’ll be looking and feeling great.


Modern Muse

This shorter style is one of my favorites for 2018. It combines messy playfulness with sophistication. Keep it short at the back, which is easy to work with – add a stylish twist by keeping the top big and bold. The texture you can play with on top will really make you stand out.


Layered Sophistication

Another very classic and timeless hairstyle that is making its way back for 2018. This layered short crop suits all types of women and ages, whether you want to go for an elegant, playful or cool look. Multiple layers at the back and a longer fringe at the front gives you limitless styling opportunities. Colour your hair using an ombre technique, to achieve this stand out look.

Remember, keep it natural or use styling products such as Nanogen’s Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray to add textured volume every day! Use alongside our Shampoo and Conditioner, which are sure to give you hair envy inducing oomph!


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